Welcome & Panel (15:00 – 15:45, CEST (GMT+2))

15 mins - discussion & short break

Please note that all the long papers have 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A. Short papers have 5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A.

Session 1 (16:00 – 16:45, CEST (GMT+2))

  • Recommendation Fairness: From Static to Dynamic (long)
  • Estimating and Penalizing Preference Shifts in Recommender Systems (long)
    • Micah Carroll, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Stuart Russell and Anca Dragan
    • article
  • User Tampering in Reinforcement Learning Recommender Systems(long)
    • Charles Evans and Atoosa Kasirzadeh
    • article

30 mins - discussion & long break

Session 2 (17:15 – 18:00, CEST (GMT+2))

  • The Stereotyping Problem in Collaboratively Filtered Recommender Systems (long)
    • Wenshuo Guo, Karl Krauth, Michael Jordan and Nikhil Garg
    • article
  • Searching for Representation: A sociotechnical audit of googling for members of U.S. Congress (long)
    • Emma Lurie and Deirdre Mulligan
    • article
  • Fairness via AI: Bias Reduction in Medical Information (long)
    • Shiri Dori-Hacohen, Roberto Montenegro, Fabricio Murai, Scott Hale, Keen Sung, Michela Blaine and Jennifer Edwards-Johnson
    • article

15 mins - discussion & short break

Session 3 (18:15 – 19:00, CEST (GMT+2))

  • Recommender Systems in the EU: from Responsibility to Regulation? (long)
  • Tag-boosted Explainable Matrix Factorization Methods for Multi-style Explanations (short)
    • Olurotimi Seton, Pegah Sagheb Haghighi, Mohammed Alshammari and Olfa Nasraoui
    • article
  • FaiREO: User Group Fairness in Course Recommendation (short)
    • Agoritsa Polyzou, Maria Kalantzi and George Karypis
    • article
  • An Adaptive Boosting Technique to Mitigate Popularity Bias in Recommender System (short)
    • Ajay Gangwar and Shweta Jain
    • article
  • Data Optimization for a Deep Learning Recommender System (short)
    • Martin Tegner, Gustav Hertz, Sandhya Sachidanandan, Balazs Toth and Emil Jorgensen
    • article

Closing Remarks